Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jackson Talks Final Battle in The Hobbit and Images from Movie

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly The Hobbit trilogy director Peter Jackson provided a few hints (and images) about the the titles' Battle of Five Armies that will be a 45 minute long finale to the entire trilogy. Below his comments on the logistics of planning the battle and click here to see his over all plan on how the armies merge on the Erebor battlefield. In addition The One Ring has posted 27 images from the movie, those can be found here.
“There’s a lot of logistics that have to be thought through,” says Jackson. “We have dwarves and men and elves and orcs, all with different cultures, with different weapons, and different shields and patterns and tactics.”

“Before we could loose the first arrow, we had to design the landscape itself and figure out, ‘Okay, if we have 10,000 orcs, how much room are they going to take up?’?” Jackson says. “?‘Are they going to fill up the valley or look like a speck?’ Then we could start drawing the arrows on the schematics.”

“Tolkien uses eagles in a way that can be kind of awkward because they tend to show up out of the blue and change things pretty quickly,” says the director. “So here they’re just part of the plan, not the saviors. I mean, I do realize that if the eagles had just been able to bring Frodo to Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings and let him drop the ring in, those movies would have been much shorter.”

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