Sunday, October 07, 2012

Next Wave of Lego The Hobbit Sets Reveal Movie Spoiler

A new Lego poster has revealed the next Lego sets that will be released for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Most of the sets do not seem to reveal any particular story point that isn't already known to anyone that has read the novel.  One of them however seems to indicate a major revision to the original story.

Spoiler Warning

The set called "Escape from Mirkwood Spiders (79001)" seems will be where Tauriel and Legolas enter the story as they help save the dwarves from the Mirkwood Spiders. The set comes with those two minfigs along with Kili and Fili.  This is a major change from the novel as Bilbo was the one that did the rescuing and helped seal his importance to the dwarves while also being a turning point for the character as he began to accept his more adventurous and heroic spirit.  The change is unlikely to go over well with die hard Tolkien fans.  Assuming this set is an accurate portrayal of the movie events.

The other sets:
Riddles for the Ring (79000) - Bilbo and Gollum in a small cave with a boat.
Attack of the Wargs (79002) - Thorin, Bifur and Orc on Warg around a Lego Treet set.
An Unexpected Gathering (79003) - Gandalf, Bilbo and 4 Dwarves minifigs at Bags End.
Barrel Escape (79004) - The Hobbit Trilogy premiere set (aka scene bumped to second movie but toy being released as scheduled) that depicts Bilbo and dwarves escaping from the Mirkwood elves.
The Goblin King Battle (79010) - Goblin King, 3 goblins, Ori, Nori, Dori, and Gandalf minifigs in goblin hall.

My guess is the poster came with the new The Hobbit Board Game that was released on October 1st.  Below is a video that goes through the poster. Click here, here or here for close up images of various elements of the poster.

(via FBTB and  The One Ring)

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