Monday, July 02, 2012

Lego Lord of the Rings Video Chapter 2

The second chapter of Lego's video series promoting the upcoming release of Lego The Lord of the Rings Video Game is now out. This one takes us "Through the Mines of Moria" with the usual Lego light touch. From what I can tell this is a "new" video series in the sense that its not just lifting the footage from the game with slight edits but something unique that is used to summarize the major events of the movie and the game with a comedic touch. Chapter 1 is here.

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  1. Lego Lord of the Rings? My goodness, whatever next. Looks like fun but I think I prefer Nic's Green Man comic for Lego-related projects myself although to be fair his comic is based on Playmobil but it has a similar feel to it.