Monday, December 19, 2011

Stephen Fry Talks The Master of Laketown

While making the rounds to promote Sherlock Holmes, Stephen Fry talked a little bit about his role as the Master of Laketown for The Hobbit films in the video below from Digital Spy. In short the character is a cowardly bully and disgusting. He also briefly talks about Laketown which is set in the middle of the lake on stilts at the base of the mountain where Smaug the Dragon and his treasure resides (the goal destination of Bilbo and the Dwarves).

"He was a shlock, gore director of the highest quality and wit," Fry said of Jackson. "My character is an opportunity for sheer grossness. He had me eating testicles... gross appetites. I mustn't give too much away but I've got a bald cap and then on top of that a really bad combover wig and this wispy mustache and wispy beard and horrible blotchy skin and disgusting fingernails. And generally speaking a really unappetising piece of work. And a coward to boot and very, very greedy."
(via TheOneRing)

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