Friday, October 07, 2011

Orlando Bloom and a New Legolas Costume?

While promoting his next film, The Three Musketeers, Orlando Bloom briefly commented on his role in The Hobbit films. The actor will be reprising the role of Legolas but it seems he will not have quite the same look as he does in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The character wasn't part of the original story so no telling how much screen time Bloom will have in the film.
It’s been ten years since Legolas has been onscreen. You’ve aged ten years, but you’re supposed to be playing Legolas younger. How’s that gonna work?
Bloom: Dude, magic. Good genes. I don’t know what to tell you, a bit of makeup. It’s crazy, the wig fits. It still fits. It’s the same wig, and it still fits. And the costume, it fit. The same costume fit. I’m not actually wearing—well I’m not gonna talk about it, I can’t tell you anything else.

You’re filming with the Red Epic’s on The Hobbit, which is 3D, and you filmed 3D on Three Musketeers. What’s your experience been like filming in 3D?
Bloom: [Musketeers] was shot in 3D as is [The Hobbit], as you said with the RED Epic’s. Those are small cameras, those RED Epic’s. I mean they’re doing steadicam, they’re doing over-the-shoulder, they’re doing everything with those cameras, and it’s 3D which is to me pretty phenomenal. My experience of it is that it’s the same, I mean it seems to be becoming the norm which is crazy in many regards, but I guess as time goes on things move on forward. The cameras are probably getting lighter and smaller, as they are with the RED Epic’s. But they’re doing remarkable things on The Hobbit with these cameras that I couldn’t have imagined, and [Musketeers] was shot with James Cameron’s cameras, the ARRI Alexa. There was a little bit more setup time and stuff I would say, but not massively so. The shoots are still the same sort of length and as an actor your experience is not any different, you’re still relating to other actors in the same way. I think as an audience member you get quality when it’s shot in 3D.

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