Saturday, April 02, 2011

McKenzie Joining the Hobbit?

New Zealand's Stuff is reporting that Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) could reprise his bit role of "Figwit" for The Hobbit. It seems the casting would be a bit part that is more of a node to LOTR fans by Sir Peter Jackson. Below is a video of his line in Return of the King.
It would spell a remarkable turnaround for McKenzie, who had a three-second spot as a pouting elf in the first Rings film.

A fan saw him on screen, as Frodo was frantically trying to deliver the ring to Mordor, and thought. "Frodo is great ... who is that?" And from that, the acronym Figwit was born.

It spawned the tongue-in-cheek website in honour of the spunky elf – McKenzie was listed as one of Who magazine's 100 sexiest people in 2008 – and an hour-long documentary called Frodo is Great ... Who is That?!!

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