Monday, January 19, 2009

Monaghan Game for The Hobbit

The One Ring was able to speak with Dominic Monaghan while he was at the Slamdance Film Festival for his movie "I Sell the Dead." He told them that he was willing to return to the role of Merry if the movie needed it.

"That is a Peter Jackson question. I would love to. I would be available. I would do anything for Peter and I would do anything for Guillermo. Of course there is the writing challenge.”"

The only problem is that the Hobbit takes place years before the events of the trilogy and it’s even doubtful the character was alive at the time. However, keep in mind that two films are in the works with a goal of potentially bridging the gap between the Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring so there is potential (however small) of a return of his character.


  1. What the hell a Hobbit film this is going to be crap!

    Also is this the Hobbit film they confirmed will have a sequel? Hobbit never had a sequel so why is hollywood making a sequel?

  2. It just dawned on me that most of the pieces will be in place to film the scouring of the shire. I personally feel that is the only scar on the original 3. If that can ever be fixed, it's during the shoot for the hobbit.

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