Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition Available Now

Just a friendly reminder that the final Middle-Earth extended edition is now available where ever Blu-ray and DVD is sold. The movie includes about 25 minutes of extra footage edited back into the film with completed special effects, score and sound effects. More importantly (to me anyway), it includes the final edition to The Appendices which is quite simply the most comprehensive behind the scenes footage you can find for any film. If you are a movie buff who likes to know a little bit about how the sausage is made, all the extended editions are worth buying just for that. Its all content without all the cheer leading "this movies is the greatest, these actors are the greatest, please buy/watch this movie!" garbage that takes up most behind the scenes stuff. Nope this is as pure as Hollywood is able to get without a marketing flack doing the editing but there is a PR flack watching as of course all the on set friction is removed and you know there had to be arguments. What job doesn't after all. Still the level of detail is greater than anything else released as extras that I can think of. As far as pricing, the average price I have been seeing is $22.99 including Amazon so hopefully that tidbit will help you on where to get it.

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