Friday, July 12, 2013

Freeman, Evans Wrap on The Hobbit

Two more cast members are forever done filming scenes for The Hobbit trilogy. Martin Freeman (Bilbo) and Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman) have completed their work on the films. Evans final day was July 10th as noted by his tweet "Final day in Middle Earth." Peter Jackson marked Freeman's final day with a post and image. He also added a pic of Benedict Cumberbatch (voice and motion capture for Smaug).

Tonight Martin Freeman finished his last shot as Bilbo Baggins. The end of an incredible two and a half years. I cannot imagine anyone else in this role - a character that Martin has nurtured and crafted with love and great skill.

We have said goodbye to our elves, humans, wizards and now the hobbit. We now enter our final 2 weeks of pick-ups, and it's wall to wall dwarves. These pick-ups have been gruelling and intense, but I'm so happy with what we've been shooting. These next two movies are going to be pretty great!

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