Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Hobbit: AUJ Exclusive Details

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is hitting shelves in two weeks on March 19th for Blu-ray and DVD. The discs are coming in three basic forms of the 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack (BR 3D + BR + DVD + Digital Copy), Blu-ray Combo Pack (BR + DVD + Digital Copy) and DVD (DVD + Digital Copy). The only real differences seems to be the number of discs as all the packs have the same special features, mostly the 10 production videos that had been released online over the last year. Despite that there are a few exclusive extras depending on which retailer you choose to buy one of the Blu-ray Combo packs from. Below are the details, prices are really unknown since current listed prices are probably higher then what the sale week price will be.

Best Buy
- "A Hobbit's Tale Part 1: The Journey Begins" - No details on what this is but assume a bit of a documentary on the filming of the first movie.
- Flip lenticular package cover of Bilbo and Gollum

- Lego Bilbo mini-fig
- Behind the scenes Lego featurette - On the upcoming Lego video game, not the movie itself

- 64 page "The World of Hobbits" book
- 4 Vudu bonus featurettes
- The Journey Back to Middle-Earth
- Bilbo and The Riddle Game
- Gandalf and the White Council
- Thorin and the Song of the Lonely Mountain
- Panoramic Poster Set: 8" x 40" poster of the cast walking up the mountain

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