Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Freeman Interview For The Hobbit Home Video Release

Today The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is out on Blu-ray and DVD.  As part of that Collider has released a video interview (below) with star Martin Freeman as he discussed the movie.  The 10 minute interview is pretty entertaining, if only to try and figure out the very dry British humor that sometimes makes it difficult to tell when he is being literal or not.

- Seen movie 6 times, five times in 48fps but not in IMAX
- Thought first day was "exciting".  Has rehearsed the Riddles in the Dark (Bilbo meets Gollum) before filming it on that first day.
- Felt he was the guy for Bilbo (and most LOTR fans had agreed as name came up long before The Hobbit has even started pre-production)
- Only hesitation in doing the role was the time away from his home and family in London since filming occurred in New Zealand.
- Said Peter Jackson's method of directing is "he expects you to know what your doing. ...He deals with kind of the result rather then the cause I suppose.  ...He talks I suppose in a way about thought and more about action."
- Can't remember what the deleted scenes were and does not know if they will show up in the second or third films.  "[Peter] is very good at the edit."
- Thinks the best merchandising involved his face, "the world needs to see more of my face."

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