Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Theater Format List

The One Ring has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of the North American theaters that will have The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in formats other then regular 2D. In total there are about 4 different formats to the movie with 2 main sound options. It can get confusing pretty easily. Peter Jackson would prefer you see the movie in "HFR 3D" (in 3D at 48 frames-per-second with Atmos Sound). Only a tiny fraction of movie theaters have the equipment (either can't do 48FPS or no Atmos) to do this so if most of us will not be able to see it the Peter Jackson way. As a result the theater listing/cheat sheet will be very useful to figure out just how close you can get to the ideal in your area. Personally I think I would rather experience the movie the same way I did The Lord of the Rings trilogy so sticking with good old fashion 2D at 24 FPS. BTW tickets are on sale now.

The formats:
HDR 3D - in 3D at 48 frames-per-second (Peter Jackson preferred)
IMAX 3D - in 3D at 24 frames-per-second
IMAX - in 3D at 24 frames-per-second in huge scale
3D - in 3D at 24 frames-per-second
2D - how movies have been for last 90 years (Lord of the Rings trilogy format)

Click here to view the theater listing or here to download the PDF listing.

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