Thursday, March 15, 2012

Personal Hobbit Holes Now Available

If you have $2000 to $3000 burning a whole in your pocket, then a Hobbit Hole might be up your alley. The small buildings with round doorways are inspired by the Lord of the Rings films but made at a much smaller scale. Essentially they are the equivilant of the mini-houses for kids that some people had when I was growning up that made for useful (if expensive) forts for play. For the details, click here. (via i09)
Hobbit™ Holes for Work or Play! Playhouses, Garden Sheds, Cottages, Chicken Coops, More!
You'll find made-in-Maine quality craftsmanship in every Hobbit Hole built. A wide range of customization options lets you choose a truly one of a kind product that perfectly fits your needs and desires. Or buy one of our products on Etsy that are already built and ready for delivery!

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