Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cumberbatch on Playing Smaugh and More

Benedict Cumberbatch is having a hell of a year. After the premiere of Sherlock at the beginning of the year, he suddenly became a much sought after actor. The result is he in critically acclaimed movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and soon Steven Spielberg's War Horse. Season 2 of Sherlock will premiere on New Year's Day and he will start the new year filming the role that will potentially take him to a new level of stardom with Smaug The Dragon for the two Hobbit films.

In the video from Collider, he talks about his recent roles and at the 3:45 point he talks about the Smaug role. He mentions how he is physicalizing the role (aka much like how Andy Serkis did Gollum) and how he is exercising to prep for the role. Spoiler wise not a whole lot of info but continues to make me intrigued on how a human is going to be "acting" the role of a dragon. In the past it was just facial expressions but apparently Peter Jackson plans on moving this to the next level.

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