Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jackson Confirms Two Hobbit Plot Points

Peter Jackson has answered the first of 20 Questions (or more) on Facebook that fans have submitted over the last few weeks about The Hobbit. The answers will come as his busy schedule allows but the first one drops a very interesting story note that gives insight on one of the ways that Peter Jackson will explore Middle-Earth outside of what was in The Hobbit novel.
VALERIA KEMENTARI asked, "Are we going to see the White Council attacking Dol Guldor?"
This was quite a popular topic, with JOHN LIDDLE, TOBY PHILLIPS and SETH DONALD, along with many others, asking variations of this same question.

I'm not going to say just what and when, but I will confirm that both the White Council and Dol Guldur will feature in the movies. And not just in one scene either. Just how to visualise it has been a challenge, but fortunately Alan Lee and John Howe went crazy with ideas, and it should look pretty cool.

In fact to celebrate the start of these 20 questions, I'll show you an exclusive photo of the White Council planning the attack on Dol Guldur! Even if you don't want to be hit with spoilers, you should still take a look. For the first image of Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel brandishing an array of fearsome Elvish weapons, CLICK HERE!

Another question soon...

Peter J
The White Council is a group of elders that include the three Elves Ring Bearers (Gandalf, Galadriel, and Elrond) and Wizards (including Radagast the Brown that Sylvester McCoy is playing) and Saruman (Christopher Lee). With Gandalf's help they devise an attack on Dol Guldur which is the fortress of the Necromancer (aka Sauron) that is south of Mirkwood (the area that Bilbo and co are travelling through to reach Smaug). In The Hobbit novel, there is a period of time where Gandalf leaves the group to take care of other business and doesn't return until after the defeat of Smaug. Smaug was an ally of Necromancer so it seems the Dwarves goals of taking his treasure provided a nice distraction while the Council attacked. The aftermath of the successful assault is Sauron moved to Mordor (Sauron's land in the Lord of the Rings).

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