Friday, November 12, 2010

Freeman Ready for The Hobbit

In a recent interview, Martin Freeman, recently anointed as Bilbo Baggins for The Hobbit films, said he is ready to go in the role. He also provided some clarification on the scheduling conflict that had been a barrier between him taking the role and the second season of Sherlock. Below is a highlight from The One Ring with the full translated interview here.
“I know my work plan” says Freeman. “I start in January, then I’ll have a break in the summer so I can shoot the second season of Sherlock, the BBC show where I portray Watson, and then I’ll be back in New Zealand in September in order to finish the movie by the end of the year”. The Englishman says summer because he’s thinking about the northern hemisphere seasons, but it will be winter in New Zealand.

“I wasn’t a fan of Tolkien before, I am now. A couple of weeks ago, I tried Bilbo’s hairy feet for the first time, and also the ears, although mine are big enough already, and the hair too. Moreover, they made molds out of those parts of my body since I’m going to be using prosthetics for many months. How did I look? Really different… but I’m ready to be Bilbo.”

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  1. Was Bilbo a thief or a spy?
    The facts in the matter don't lie,
    When he saw the Ring,
    He needed the thing,
    His hands in his pockets? Oh my!