Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Zealand Rallying Around The Hobbit

Due to the recent worldwide actors boycott that was somehow initiated by the only 200 member strong NZ Actors Equity group, it seems Warner Bros. is on the verge of moving the production to the United Kingdom. Monday, ironically the countries Labor Day, is apparently when the decision may likely be made. The tourism and revenue generated by the Hobbit was expected to reach an estimated $1.5 billion along with thousands of jobs so the stakes are very high.

Government officials, Peter Jackson and more seem to be throwing their final sales pitches to keep production in the country and now the citizens are (finally) getting involved with rallies planned in cities around the country. It is truly amazing that a group of only around 200 members managed to potentially cost a country of 4 million this kind of economic stimulus. Not sure why the press is ignoring this aspect of the story. Below is a commercial for the rally along with a Facebook page for it. A YouTube page has also been created so fans can express their belief on keeping the production in New Zealand. Details on that can be found here. Thanks to Winton for the heads-up.

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