Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lord of the Rings: Born of Hope Fan Film

Kate Madison, Director of filmKate Madison (right) was so inspired by the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that she decided to make her own movie based on the JRR Tolkien books. From this love of the trilogy is "Born of Hope", a film that cost 25,000 pounds and attempts to stay close to the style established by Jackson. Madison put up 8,000 of the cost from her life savings while Rings fans donated another 17,000. The story is based on two paragraphs from the appendix section of his books which briefly mentioned the adventures of Aragon's parents Arathorn and Gilraen. Make no mistake, this is a fully realized film, complete with costumes, makeup, orginial music, and more. After a year of production in England that begin in mid-2008 and took over a year to complete, the result is now available. Below is the trailer, click here to view the full movie.

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