Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brian Cox for The Hobbit?

AICN is reporting a new rumor that suggests that Brian Cox could be up for a role as one of the dwarves in The Hobbit. The actor has had a pretty good career starring in such films as Braveheart, Nuremberg, Super Troopers, The Bourne films, and more.
This is a news item I'd love to proclaim with all-out certainty, but my tried and trusted source(s) aren't sure if this is a total lock, or whether it's just someone they're seriously interested in. Either way, producers of THE HOBBIT have begun looking at casting for the dwarves (dwarfs?), and one name has emerged as a major contender: Brian Cox. He's a brilliant choice for the role: physically, he fits with the depiction of the race in LOTR (well, Gimli), and he's a born Scotsman. Also, he could yell at Galadriel for adding narration. So there you go. If this comes to fruition, you heard it here first!
Keep in mind this is 100% in the rumor column as probably more casting rumors will leak with time and probably not even half will actually be true.

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