Sunday, June 07, 2009

Guillermo Rules Out Bridge Film

Took over a month but finally some The Hobbit news. Well sort of since it’s just a repeat that the Hobbit films will not be a bridge film to the Lord of the Rings trilogy as originally planned. As told to MTV, del Toro has added additional story points to the films and is currently deciding on what the end point fill be for the first movie. Also below is a video of the interview broken up into five segments, the first two he talks about his novel "The Strain" and the next two after is about The Hobbit. Already over three hundred pieces of art has been generated as pre-production work continues on the films.
I’m doing only two movies because I felt that that was the best way to service the book,” the director said. “I’m not saying the other notion was not discussed. We discussed it a large degree. But I felt that for me, the two films were the way to go.”

Del Toro explained that the decision to split the book in half stemmed from the sprawling nature of Tolkien’s tome and, he said, the “White Council or the Dol Guldur additions.”

The director has also settled on where exactly the first film will end and the second will begin. “When you read the book, there is only one place to break it really,” he said. “And everybody knows it. It’s been discussed in forums and there’s a lot of people that are right. That’s where it’s going to break. So it’s very simple.

“What we’re doing is because we have the relationship between Bilbo and Thorin and all the dwarves, there is a logical place for that relationship,” del Toro continued. “There is a moment in the book where something is accomplished that allows us to say, ‘Okay, on to the next one after this.’”

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