Thursday, November 13, 2008

Del Toro: "Two Chapters of a Film"

For a while now, the plans for the Hobbit films has been spoken of as two films. One is the adaption of the Hobbit and the other is a "bridge" film that fills the gap between the Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring. In an interview with if Magazine, director Guillermo del Toro indicates the two movie plan remains but now its evolved into essentially one film with two parts, similar to how the Matrix sequels were executed.
Where are you with THE HOBBIT right now?
Writing every day. Talking to Peter [Jackson]. Emailing. Going to New Zealand back and forth. I really think that the bulk of the hardcore pre-production is going to start in January.

Are you writing two scripts simultaneously?
The way we view it, and I think it was Peter who said, “let’s stop talking about two movies, let’s talk about one story.” I thought “abso-f*cking-lutely.” Then it made sense. I was so worried about this and that. Then all of sudden, seeing it as one narrative, saying, “this is the story” and not only the two movies. When we agreed, “let’s think about the five movies as a single story – a single narrative thread,” it opened up the scope of what we’re doing. You don’t have to try to contain the HOBBIT book in one movie, which I think would be a disservice. People tend to think, “why two movies,” and you go back and take notes of the book. The book you read, is not the book that [you think it is]. The book is such an effortless read and it seems like it goes like a breeze, but there are so many events in THE HOBBIT. Especially if you’re taking into account, ancillary stuff, there’s so much there. It really is barely containable into two movies.

You’re linking it into the first LORD OF THE RINGS movie – I read that the last part of the second film would include material not in the book, but would link it more fully to the first LORD film.
We’re not doing that. That was spoken about early on, as I said, we stopped talking about in terms of a bridge film, it’s a single film. We said, “we’re talking about a ‘film’ and we’re talking about two chapters of a film or two episodes.”
So I guess at this point think of the Lord of the Rings prequel films as The Hobbit part 1 and The Hobbit part 2.


  1. wicked post, cant wait for this movie i think its going to be huge. I am a big fan of the Hobbit and cant wait for this movie to finally be made and how they are going to do it. Smaug all they way!! haha

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