Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Viggo Waiting on Hobbit Call

MTV spoke briefly with Viggo Mortensen about whether or not he is willing to return to Middle Earth. As he said before, he is up to the task but hasn't recieved any calls about it yet. Probably because the scripts are probably not even close to being completed.
“I haven’t heard anything,” the once and future king of Men said of news about the movie. “I met [Guillermo] once years ago,” but haven’t talked to him since.

The real reason that Viggo hasn’t heard anything, of course, is that scriptwriting for the sure to be blockbuster is in such an early stage, cast or even potential cast have yet to even be discussed, let alone contacted.

Still, though, there are actors, like Ian McKellen for instance, that have publically stated and affirmed their participation. So why not Mortensen? Is Aragorn going to be in the bridge film or not?

“Ian is very proactive. He’s been banging that drum!” Mortensen laughed. “It was a very important project to all of us and especially to him I think. He wants to make sure Gandalf is in there and in there early! I’m going to cross that bridge when I get to it.”

Make no mistake about it, though – Mortensen DOES want to go “back again,” having not changed his opinion since last year.

“Obviously,” he said. “I would rather have the chance to play that role myself since I originated it on film than have someone else do it.”

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  1. Ok first off I have read The Hobbit 3 or 4 times and i do not remeber Aragon ever being in the book so I doubt if Mortensen will even get the call. Unless they have him do a cameo. Which is more likely.