Monday, July 07, 2008

The Hobbit in 3-D?

Creating 3D live action movies has become a new meme for Hollywood lately with about a dozen films due in the format over the next year or so with the most current being Journey to the Center of the Earth on July 11th. Marketsaw reports the Hobbit director remains uncertain on whether the Read 3D technology will be used The Hobbit. He is not opposed to the idea, its just not sure if the story or the tone is appropriate for 3D use. Its my understanding that The Hobbit will be filmed using 35mm film rather then digital to keep its look in line with the Lord of the Rings films which to me means that this goal to create the next two films so the bridge seamlessly into the Lord of the Rings trilogy would pretend the use of 3D for the film. As always though, time will tell.

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