Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New Weta The Hobbit Products Released

Weta has announced the release of their line of products based on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  The items (list below) include new statues, prop replicas, and more over a range of prices. To check out the full line up with pictures, click here.

1/6 Scale Figures
Gandalf the Grey ($249)
Bilbo Baggins ($199)
Thorin Oakenshield ($249)

Prop Replicas
Dwalin's Axes ($399)
Balin's Mace ($249)
Fili's Knife ($125)
Nori's Knives ($125)
Key to Erebor ($29)
Bilbo's Contract ($449)
Thorin's Map ($199)

Map Prints
Thorin's Map ($29.99)
Shire ($34.99)
Bag End Floor Plan ($29.99)
East Farthing ($24.99)
Wilderland ($34.99)

The Hobbit: AUJ - Chronicles: Art and Design book ($39.99)
Art Prints ($49.99)
The One Ring without Runes ($99)
Key to Erebor Pendant ($125)

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