Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Radagast the Brown Full Costume Revealed

A new The Hobbit Calendar has provided the first clear look at the character of Radagast the Brown as played by Sylvester McCoy. There have been the occasional blurred image but this is the first solid look of the actor in full makeup. The image was posted by ThorinOakenshield.net along with other images from the calendar.

Radagast is a wizard that is part of the White Council that is charged with stopping Sauron *Necromancer). The character does not exist in The Hobbit book and played an unintentional minor part Gandalf's misadventures with Sarumon in LOTR. His part so minor that it was completely removed from the trilogy without disrupting the story a bit. His role in the Jackson version of the book remains a mystery. (via TOR)

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