Friday, February 03, 2012

Image of Lego Lord of the Rings Sets

To the left is a sneak pic of the upcoming Lord of the Rings Lego line based on the movies (not the books) that are scheduled to come out this Fall. The image shows some of the described sets including Gandalf Arrrives, Shelob Attacks, Uruk-Hai Army, Mines of Moria and Battle of Helm's Deep. To be honest, I am not particularily impressed. I am just interested in the mini-figs but sadly that chance to buy them seperately is unlikely to happen.


  1. You can always buy individual minifigures on Ebay or which sells individual figures as well as pieces!

  2. Until I see the detailing, I'll reserve judgement. A poorly taken shot of a bunch of Lego bricks will look like a poorly taken shot of a bunch of Lego bricks.

    I just hope that they make a Bag End.