Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lee, Tennant Joining The Hobbit?

More casting news on The Hobbit front as production gets closer to its February start date. Already this week Andy Serkis and Elijah Woods are confirmed to be reprising their Lord of the Rings role. Sir Ian McKellen confirmed his own hiring and now Christopher Lee's website reports that assuming he remains in good health, the legendary actor will reprise his role of Saruman. Not entirely sure the extent of the role but during the time of the Hobbit his character was still a good guy and a friend of Gandalf.
Slowly but surely, Peter Jackson has managed to secure the return of the majority of the major stars from The Lord of the Rings franchise for his soon to be shooting prequel, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Sir. Christopher Lee had been in talks to reprise his role as the wizard Saruman and it now looks certain, providing that he is in good health, that he will be appearing in the movie.
In additional, once again Doctor Who's David Tennant has come up as being cast as the father of Legolas. From MovieWeb:
It appears that David Tennant, who will next be seen taking over the role of Peter Vincent, as originated by Roddy McDowall, in a Fright Night remake, has joined The Hobbit as Sindarin Elf King Thranduil.

At this time, David Tennant's casting in The Hobbit has not been officially confirmed. David was originally being considered for the role of Bilbo Baggins, a part which has gone to Martin Freeman. Sylvester McCoy is also rumored to have been offered the role of Radagast the Brown, but there is no confirmation that he has accepted the role at this time either.

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