Monday, November 29, 2010

Hobbit 3D, McKellen, Freeman, Hobbiton Updates

A few odds and ends have cropped up over the weekend regarding The Hobbit. Not really "new" news but more of an update on existing information such as further confirmation that The Hobbit films will be in 3D, Ian McKellen is still game to reprise Gandalf, Martin Freeman has begun prep for role of Bilbo Baggins, and Hobbiton nears completion. reports that Peter Jackson has settled on using the EPIC camera for use in filming when production starts in February by ordering 30 of the very expensive cameras. "The Hobbit will be amongst the first productions in the world to use the EPIC and at least thirty cameras will be required by the 3D production," explained RED founder Jim Jannard in a forum post. I don't know enough about these things to consider it anything other than trivia but it does prove that Jackson is committed to making both films in real 3D.

In the next issue of Total Film, a new look on the set construction of Hobbiton. I had thought the set was completed but it’s possible that this is part of the expansion and strengthening of the underground Hobbit homes since Hobbit on will remain a standing tourist attraction once filming completes.

Martin Freeman provided a brief update in regards to prepping for the role of Bilbo Baggins saying "“I’ve had wig, feet, ears,” he revealed at the Evening Standard theatre awards on Sunday. “Full steam ahead for me to look like Bilbo.”

Sir Ian McKellen's official website has a new entry for 2010 indicating that he has been cast as Gandalf for the two Hobbit films. This is the closest so far to official confirmation that he has signed on to the film. Previously he has been a cheerleader of the films and consistently shown a desire to reprise the role but MGM and the actor boycott meant he had not yet signed a contract and expressed doubt that he would be able to if future projects created a schedule conflict. This update seems to indicate that is no longer an issue and he is prepped to once again be the beard.

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